Best AliExpress Adidas Copy Shoes and Adidas Replica Sellers – Trusted Ultimate Guide (Updated May 2020)

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Adidas shoes, trainers and sneakers are designed for running, training, working out, fashion and more. However similar to Nike or Puma shoes, Adidas Original shoes are also costly and expensive, especially the signature sneakers.

Where to Buy Quality Adidas Rep Sneakers Online?

Where to find a pair of cheap but quality Adidas Sneakers Online?  This is the common question we receive from the readers. In short we can always head to AliExpress where we still can find affordable Adidas sneakers replicas that fit anyone and everyone. Find out where to get the cheapest high quality Adidas replica shoes on AliExpress right here.

Imitations and Fake Adidas Copy Shoes vs Original Adidas Shoes in AliExpress

At AliExpress, there are sellers selling both Original Adidas Shoes and Adidas Replicas shoes. So if you are looking for original Adidas sneakers, be sure to look out for the Guaranteed Authentic Icon.

Best Chinese Replicas AliExpress Tips trick Clone Alternative Copy Low Price replica Seller Guarantee Genuine

At BestChineseReplicas, we are always looking for the best bargain where you can purchase the highest quality Adidas replica shoes possible. Thus our recommendations here are the Adidas replica shoes or lookalikes and hence, not the real deal. At times, when a hot selling model is sold out at one store, you may still find it available in the other one. If you are looking for a trustworthy seller with excellent fake Adidas shoes at AliExpress, look no further.

Otherwise skip directly to find the Adidas Replica models (including Yeezy) you are looking for here.

We have reviewed and work out a list of 5 trusted Adidas Replica Shoe and Adidas alternative sellers and their most stylish Adidas sneaker replicas from AliExpress for you, the savvy customer and your happy feet.


Top 5 Adidas Replica Shoes Sellers on AliExpress

1 Olympic Sports Flagship Store – Our No.1 Choice for First Copy

It’s hard to avoid normalsport Store on AliExpress to get the latest Adidas shoes with free and speedy delivery worldwide. This online AliExpress Adidas Replica shoe seller prides itself on stocking up the latest style, trends and limited edition of Adidas shoes.

Best Cheap Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress normalsport store Adidas Super star 1

Best Cheap Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress normalsport store Adidas Super star 1

Hot Product: Buy Adidas Superstar Replica Shoes and Adidas Apparels

The Adidas Superstar stays as a classic icon forever. Even though Adidas has launched many master pieces, the Adidas Superstar is still one of the most popular and highly sought after shoes on the ground.

This pair of Adidas Superstar Replica is the epitome of hip hop with a perfect blend of style and comfort. The combination of pure white leather and Adidas trademark in striking reflective is bold and slamming at the same time. This is surely a good pair of Adidas replica that fans should not missed out owning.

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New users get $3 off with orders of $4 or more!

2 SolonSports Store

Best Cheap Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress Wiwisport store Superstar Clover 1

Here’s a newly opened Adidas Replica Store that has paid close attention to the trends and designs of the latest Adidas models. Carrying a huge array of exclusive Adidas replica shoes, this online AliExpress sports shoe shop is a one stop footwear destination for sneaker enthusiasts.

Shipping can be done to anywhere in the world. While supply cannot meet demand, highly sought after models are usually sold out within a few hours of release.

You might just score a better deal here at times as sales are very common in this online sneaker store.

Hot Product: Adidas Official SUPERSTAR Clover

Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress Wiwisport store Superstar Clover 1

Best Cheap Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress Wiwisport store Superstar Clover 1

The highly coveted Adidas SUPERSTAR Clover has seen at least 2000 sales and received very high positive rating. This is a pair of superb on court shoes and is a must-have for sneaker lovers. The Adidas Superstar Clover replica comes in more than 15 different vivid colors and vintage designs, perfect to upgrade your look.

The replica shoes feature the famous Adidas Superstar rubber shell toe and herringbone-pattern outsole. You will certainly stay in the trend game.

Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress Wiwisport store Superstar Clover 1

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3 Sports101 Store – A Store of Sportswear Replicas

Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress UPSport Store 1

A man is never complete without sporting a pair of Adidas sneakers. At this Chinese Adidas replica shoe store, you can find just the perfect Adidas replica shoes that will suit your purpose, whatever it is. With over 325 different models and designs, there is something for everyone. The store has consistent up to date models and feature special discounts every few weeks.

This China replica store offers international shipping and holds decent sales occasionally. Prices of Adidas replicas are attractive here, therefore certain popular models sell out much faster, so grab your favourites fast.

Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress UPSport Store Stan Smith 3

Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress UPSport Store Stan Smith 3

Hot Product: Adidas Original Stan Smith Replica

The Adidas Stan Smith replica shoe is clean and comes with the signature green tongue and heel details, retaining the look and feel of the original. Being named after the tennis star of the same name from the 70s, this pair of court shoe has evolved from an athletic sneaker to a fashion icon.

Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress UPSport Store Stan Smith 3

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4 Best Sport Store

Best Cheap Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress best sport store 1

Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress best sport store 1

Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress best sport store 1

This China based Adidas replica store is really very popular with 138,806 followers. Having been around for 5 years, the Chinese Adidas clone shoe seller has sold over 1500 products over the last 6 months. You can find not only apparels such as shoes but also Adidas Original copy track pants and t-shirts.

We can’t help but browse and shop at this online Adidas Replica store for their curated Adidas replicas, to pick the perfect pair for ourselves and our partner.

Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress best sport store Adidas Neo 1

Hot Product: 2018 Adidas NEO Label Men’s Skateboarding Shoes

Embrace the look of athleisure luxe with this classic design where it’s all about youth, fresh and fun. There is the brand detailing at the heel and the iconic Adidas stripes at the sides. We like it for the soft and light midsole cushioning that provides step-in comfort and redefining the skater sneaker experience.

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5 Top Sports Flagship Store

Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress Top Sports Flagship Store 1

Top Sports Flagship, an AliExpress Sneakers store set up early in Jan 2015 features the latest Adidas Original Replica shoes for 2019. Shop with ease and a peace of mind as Top Sports Flagship Store is also a Top Brand shop with their collection of fine men’s Adidas shoes for styles like the Adidas Tubular Shadow, the low top Adidas Advantage, Adidas Originals Stan Smith, Adidas Pharrell Williams Tennis Shoes, Adidas Originals Samba, Adidas NMD, Ultraboost & more. There are other styles and colors available in this trusted sneaker replica online store too.

Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress Kicks on Fire Stan Smith 3

Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress Kicks on Fire Stan Smith 4

Hot Product: Adidas Neo Label VS Advantage Clean Shoes

The Adidas VS Advantage replica shoe is easy to wear as the shoe is a good fit and comfortable for most feet. As this Adidas replica sneaker is really stylish, it can be a cheaper alternative to the pricey Adidas Originals Stan Smith sneakers.

These adidas replica shoes shows its roots on the courts and add style using the less is more prinicple, allowing us to focus on what matters that is how comfortable the shoe should be. Simple as it is, constructed with just the smooth synthetic leather, signature perforated 3-Stripes and a heel pull.

Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress Kicks on Fire Superstar 6

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Guide to buying Adidas Replicas in AliExpress

If you are here looking for genuine products, we have some tips for you to discern the real Adidas shoes from the fake first copy Adidas shoes. Here are how you spot an Adidas replica shoes.

Designs of Adidas Logo

Adidas Replica Shoes Adidas Copy Fake AliExpress Adidas Logo

Adidas comes in two types of logo designs being the Trefoil and the Three Bars. If the logo comes in a sticker form, it is certainly a fake pair of Adidas shoe. That’s because a true Adidas logo is always stitched or imprinted on the tongue of the shoe. Furthermore, logos fade out much faster for fake Adidas shoes. However as we only recommend Adidas first copy shoes, the logos are sewed exactly how and where they should be.

Available Colors

Certain times, you may notice a new color that is unavailable at the Official Adidas Sales Outlet. If this is the case, the shoe is likely a fake as replica shoes manufacturers love to add more colors to the existing range of Adidas models. Sometimes this is not really a bad idea as you, the buyer my find the shoe available in your favourite splash of colors.

Material of the Adidas Shoe

You can immediately tell when you run the material of the shoe with your fingers. Original Adidas shoes have finer quality of fabric and the stitching is almost seamless. Loose ends, uneven stitching and traces of glue are the tell-tale signs of a fake.

Adidas Serial Number

Looking inside the shoe, you can check out the label tags. Original Adidas shoes have different serial numbers on the left and right side. However if you find that the serial number is the same for both sides, the shoes are certainly fake Adidas sneakers. Moreover, the serial number should be the same even while you check for the label on the box.

Extra Pair of Adidas Laces

In the past, Adidas Original always comes with an extra pair of laces. However even the replica sellers are following suit, so this may not be the best way to tell whether a product is fake. Nonetheless you can still check out the eyelets for laces, newer Adidas models do not come with the metal eyelets anymore.

Adidas Heel Pull

The original Adidas shoes usually have a taller heel pull and a more even shape at the heel.


Original Adidas sneakers cost usually into the hundreds as the material used for their products is really high in quality. And the limited edtion ones are even more expensive due to their exclusivity. If you see something that is a few times cheaper than what you know they usually cost at the Adidas store, don’t start thinking that you have found a good deal.

However the current Adidas replicas shoes available here are all made excellently with little flaws to pick on. Moreover the stores we list here are some of the most popular and trustworthy ones on AliExpress. Feel free to leave a comment about your buying experience so that we can share the good deals with all our readers.

If you are looking for specific Adidas first copy models (Get them fast, links expire fast):

  1. Adidas Men’s Originals Superstar Clover Shoes (high end replica)
  2. Adidas Men’s Originals Superstar Clover High Top Shoes (high end fake – DHGate)
  3. Adidas Men’s Originals Campus Shoes (high end fake)
  4. Adidas Men’s Originals Stan Smith Shoes (high end replica)
  5. Adidas Originals Gazelle (high end lookalike – DHGate)
  6. Adidas Continental 80 Shoes (High end replica – DHGate)
  7. Adidas Originals Superstar Shamrock (high end fake)
  8. Adidas Originals Neo Women Running Shoes (high end fake)
  9. Adidas NEO Label Men’s Skateboarding Shoes (high end replica)
  10. Adidas Predator 18.3 Artificial Grass Men’s Football Soccer Boots (high end fake)
  11. Adidas Originals EQT Support Adv Prime Kit (high end fake)
  12. Adidas NEO VS Pace Skateboarding Shoes (high end fake)
  13. Adidas Originals Relaxed Strap-back Hat (high end replica)
  14. Men’s Adidas Basketball Shoes Pro Vision (High end rep.)
  15. Adidas Men’s Originals Nizza Pride (high end replica to celebrate LGBTQ)
  16. 2018 Adidas CF ALL COURT (high end replica)
  17. 2018 Adidas DAROGA PLUS Men’s Hiking Shoes (high end copy)
  18. Adidas Yeezy Air 350 Boost V2 (high end lookalike)
  19. Adidas Yeezy 700 Wave Runner (high end replica)
  20. Adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Shoes (high end copy)
  21. Adidas Ultraboost 19 (high end replica)
  22. Adidas Ozweego Shoes (latest high end lookalike/ $38)
  23. Adidas NMD_R1 Primeknit Shoes (low end lookalike/ $16)
  24. 2019 Adidas NEO VS JOG Men’s Skateboarding Shoes Sneakers (latest high end first copy)
  25. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Reflective Glow in Dark (high end replica – DHGate)
  26. ZX 4000 4D Shoes


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