How to Start Buying on AliExpress – FAQ Guide

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Here are some common questions we find regarding AliExpress:

What is AliExpress?

Nowadays, most people are very familiar with Jack Ma and Alibaba Group after they were listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It is a multinational conglomerate specializing in e-commerce and since expanded to Payment services, Artificial Intelligence and Technology.

AliExpress is just the international ecommerce wing of Alibaba Group for international buyers. So you know AliExpress’s really legit. As an online marketplace like ebay, you can find almost anything on AliExpress.

Heard about Singles Day on November 11? Alibaba turned it into the largest offline and online shopping day of the year. Now you know that’s unstoppable for an online marketplace! For 2018, the sales reportedly broke record with US $30.8 billion in sales, imagine that.

The common questions we have encountered: Is buying on AliExpress safe, especially if I stay at USA? How long will my purchases arrive? Does anyone buy things from AliExpress in USA? Why are the products so cheap? Here we have all the answers you need.

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How long will my purchases take to arrive?

AliExpress delivers to almost any country in the world. However new buyers may be unclear which delivery option to choose from since there are several delivery options for each different country. The more popular shipping option is AliExpress Standard Shipping option which is usually free and provides a tracking number. It’s always good to know where your parcel is. To track your beloved package, go to 17Track, enter your tracking number, and it will show you where your shipment is though the logistic network.

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The tracking number doesn’t get allocated immediately and takes around a week. However if you still don’t receive a tracking number after 10 days, you have to contact the seller immediately. Note that there is a maximum delivery time period for any official non-delivery dispute to be made.


Shipping delivery dates are getting shorter and shorter. In the past it may take up to 2 months (hot items are worth the wait) before you can open your much anticipated parcel. But with the introduction of ePacket, you can get your purchase within 3 weeks. Though it may not be cheapest way, but it is surely one of the quickest manner to get goods delivered to your hands.


So here’s a few tips from us – always choose a seller that offers the ePacket option and avoid buying last minute before festive periods like Chinese New Year or Christmas.

Does anyone else buy from AliExpress other than China?

We have many readers from the US, Europe and even other parts of the world who have been shopping at AliExpress for a really long time. The listed products are really cheap and most of them are of decent quality. If you are intending to buy inexpensive items such as clothing, shoes, headphones, or wigs, then AliExpress is the right place for you. However if you are searching for Authentic branded name products like LV, Gucci, Rolex, then you are at the wrong marketplace. But since AliExpress also has many product replicas, you may be able to find something that won’t hurt your bank account and yet be able to fulfil your dreams.

Why is AliExpress so cheap?

After being taught to beware of things that are too cheap to be true, you may wonder whether that’s the case as you browse through the zillions of AliExpress products. Fortunately, there are many reasons that can justify the low prices of AliExpress products.

Since most of the products on AliExpress are cheaply made (lower labour cost), of lesser quality and cheaper material, you will find that their prices are largely lower than eBay or Amazon. Furthermore, some of the sellers are the manufacturers or getting stocks directly from the manufacturers thus you are saving plenty of middlemen cost as compared to the product being brought into US marked up by US companies.

Moreover with the China Post subsidised by the government, shipping cost from China to anywhere can be kept competitive given the massive scale of sales for AliExpress in the global market.

Otherwise, the product you are looking at may be a replica aka fake product to some people. You can still get counterfeit products from AliExpress even though AliExpress has been clamping down on fake products listings.

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Why does AliExpress provide free shipping even when prices are so low?

Well, the free shipping services provided comes from the AliExpress sellers and not the AliExpress platform. Sellers typically price in the shipping fees within their sales price.

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As the shipping methods that they provide is via surface mails or epackets, the products take some time (from 7 days – 2 months) to arrive in the hands of the customers.

As the sellers usually have tie ups with couriers and mailing companies, their cost of shipping is significantly lower thus we may even find really cheap items that comes with free shipping.

With all these Fake products, Is AliExpress still Safe and Legal ?

AliExpress is absolutely legit. As the international arm of Ali Baba Group, AliExpress is one of the top online retail competitor of Amazon and eBay! Even though AliExpress is a safe marketplace, the key is still caveat emptor. There are the exact same risks present in AliExpress as well as at Amazon and eBay.

Therefore the rule is to only buy from established sellers. Always check the ratings of your seller before you commit to buy a product. Read the buyers reviews, check the status of the seller, find out how long has the seller been around and whether the goods are always delivered as promised. Every product page gives information such as users reviews, seller summary and seller history. These are all crucial information for you to decide whether the purchase should be made.


It is also critical to read the product description or other useful information carefully to double check the item that you are buying. Many times, buyers also missed out on important terms and conditions imposed by the sellers.

Use AliPay Services

AliPay, the Paypal of the East is integrated with a wide spectrum of financial services. The online payment services offered by AliBaba Group protect you just like Paypal. AliPay is secured and trusted by people all over the globe. Your credit card information is not provided to sellers thus you don’t have to worry about them stealing your details. Next payment is withheld until you have confirmed receipt of the product. So if you are cheated, all you have to do is raise a ticket and you can your money refunded.

What Payment Methods can I use on AliExpress

Best Chinese Replicas AliExpress Payment Mode

Other than AliPay, you can also use other payment modes like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Wire Transfer, Webmoney, Yandex.Money, Western Union, QIWI, DOKU, Mercado Pago, Boleto, bancontact, TEF, iDeal, Giropay, Sofort Banking, Carte Bancaire (Carte Blue), Przelewy24, SMS Payment in Russia (MTC, MegaFon, Beeline, TELE2), Cash Payment (Euroset, Syvaony, Russian Post), and AliExpress Pocket.

Why is AliExpress Refunds so Slow Sometimes

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Certain times, there are unpleasant situations where refunds are required. Even though the order detail page indicated “Refund Completed”, but we still do not see the money in our bank account. The reason behind this may be due to the handling process of the receiving bank, card issuer or clearing party. Some banks take around one to two weeks to completely transfer the money over.

However if the refund is still not completed after the aforementioned time frame, do contact the bank or credit card issuer for more information. For AliExpress order cancellations, learn more here.

Can I pay with Cash during Delivery?

Unfortunately, to protect the sellers from fraud or issues during delivery, there is no option for Cash Payment during delivery. However the escrow payment service on AliExpress is extremely secure and safe.

Are there any hidden charges or custom charges other than shown in the total?

Depending on the country the buyer ships to, there may be customs/duty fees payable upon delivery of the item. This is up to the government/tax & customs system of the buyer’s country and cannot be altered/determined by AliExpress. Most sellers have their own tricks to avoid taxation when goods arrive at the destination country.

Avoid Fraud and Scams on Ali Express

As AliExpress is just an onlinemarketplace. Even though it is working hard to protect buyers, buyers should still ensure that sellers offer some kind of guarantee or warranty that can cover the buyer adequately. One guarantee to look out for is product authenticity, especially for expensive big ticket items such as electronics. This comes in the form of the “Guaranteed Genuine” tab under the seller service.

Start Buying NOW!!!

The BestChineseReplicas Team will continue to update this post to provide the most up to date information on AliExpress Replica products. Stay tuned.

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