Review of Best Cheap Airpod Replicas on AliExpress (Updated March 2019)

The Best Airpod Clone on AliExpress 2019
  • TWS i12 1:1 Airpod Clone

The closest alternative to genuine Airpod ?

Having tested and reviewed dozens of fake Airpods, the best cheap Airpod Replica that can seriously be considered is the i12 TWS. Other than the slightly inferior microphone for phonecalls, the i12 earbuds has nothing for us to pick on.

Lately we see 2 new upcoming 1:1 Airpods alternative that are yet to be tested but picking up traction fast. Check them out here and here.

Since hitting the stores in December 2016, Airpods have essentially dominated and transformed the wireless earphone world. Most of the wireless earphone products made before Apple Airpods are generally poorly designed and don’t function as well as expected. Those first generation wireless ear buds usually had poor sound quality, shoddy connection and even low battery life. But all these were changed when the white Airpods became the first wireless ear buds that really work reliably.

What Airpod Replicas can I find in AliExpress?

Since most true wireless ear buds are in the $150 to $199 price range, it will pain the heart if one of the earpieces gets lost or broken. You have probably seen all kind of different options on AliExpress so finding the right one is turning into a real dilemma. There are so many features we need to consider such as sound quality, playtime, battery life, size and appearance and so on as we consider our options among these Airpod knockoffs.

To spot a pair of fake Airpods, look at the size. The Airpod replicas are slightly bigger than the genuine one though they micic the actual design and appearance. Some Airpod clones also come with a microUSB cable instead of a lightning cable and they don’t charge automatically while in the charging case. However do not let these little flaws fray you off, as they are definitely still worth the price you pay for.

As a matter of fact, you should decide on getting the one that would truly suit your style and most importantly, your budget. Fortunately, you can always find the best fake Airpod with all these traits on AliExpress.

The Top 7 Airpod Replicas from AliExpress China

If you are into wireless earphones but is unwilling to fork out US $159 for the original apple Airpods. Look no further. We have gathered a list of the top cheap Airpod alternatives from AliExpress that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, yet allows you to own that pair of that stylish Airpod you have always wanted. Allow these 7 best Airpod replicas to surround you with their high performance audio.

  2. TWS i10 Double Mini Airpod
  3. Tebaurry New Wireless Invisible Bluetooth Ear Pieces
  4. IFANS i9s Twins Earbuds Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphones
  5. HOYAT Mini Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds
  6. HTK18 Mini Bluetooth Headsets
  7. Samload Bluetooth Earbuds


SWZYOR i12 TWS Mini Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Sports Earphone (Latest Find on AliExpress)

fake airpod replic aliexpress airpod clone TWS i12 1

fake airpod replic aliexpress airpod clone TWS i12 1

We all love to have our music plugged into our ears all day long whether it be while commuting or when exercising. That being said we would ask for the best wireless earphone that could last longer. The search for the best fake Airpod comes to the latest TWS i12. This exact sized Airpod clone has evolved to a 1:1 matching this time. The battery now last at least for 3 hours which is really good and takes about 40 minutes to full charge with the lightning cable.

Now the i12 Airpod copy has touch functionality and connects automatically when you remove them from the 1:1 charging case. They are so similar that it is identical in shape, size, and appearance. This set of Airpod replicas also have the laser engraving “Designed by Apple in California” at the exact location on the back of the charging case that is absent in other Airpod copy products.

The sound quality is excellent and close to the real Airpods. However for true audiophiles, the i10 may still perform better in terms of audio than the i12.

At $30, its just too good to be true!

i10 TWS Double Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

fakeairpodreplicai10  fakeairpodreplicai10

Our initial reaction upon seeing this awesome i10 TWS Double Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphone is to grab a pair and put it to test. Though this pair of Apple Airpod replica took 20 days to reach us, its worth every second of wait. Well using this i10 Airpod alternative isn’t merely a wireless experience, they are comfortable for us while we go running, hit the gym or do push-ups. The sound is also more dynamic and emotive than the other Airpods lookalike we have reviewed.


This pair of Airpod knockoff delivers the full sense of mood and intent of the music that we are listening to, and that’s the best we have yet heard. The multifunction touch operation is really responsive and works well to play/pause and skip tracks. The time taken to connect this fake Airpod to iphone took us just 20 seconds.

This Airpod clone masterpiece is definitely the pick of the bunch of wireless Bluetooth earbuds here.

Get it now at just $36!

Tebaurry New Wireless Invisible Bluetooth Ear Pieces

Made perfect for Android or IOS devices, this wireless bluetooth in-ear earphone can get you the top sound quality and audio experience. With black or white color to choose from, you can match this cheap Jabra earbud alternative with the color of your Iphone X or Galaxy S9. This China Jabra replica comes with a microphone, multi-functional buttons and has a frequency response range up to 20k Hz.

Though its battery life only provide an hour long of non-stop playing time, you can just get few sets of these and alternate them for charging and usage. Even without the W1 Chip, Bluetooth pairing is still effortless with the conventional method. At a cheap price of $9.71 to $10.26 a piece, you could easily purchase one set for each family member as a present! The product will arrive within two weeks after purchase and AliExpress will accept returns if product is not as described.

Buy now at $10!

IFANS i9s Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Looking almost just like the authentic Apple Airpods, this apple airpod cheap replica is compatible with the latest Bluetooth enabled devices, including iphones, ipads, ipods and Androids devices. Featuring the latest Bluetooth technology and built in microphone, you have the ulitmate control to answer or reject a call.

This airpod clone also comes with a portable magnetic charging case (600mAh) that provides up to 3 hours’ worth of music. This allows you to keep it charged and keep them safe and covered when you are not using them. Priced at just US $15.48, the ifan mini i9s Twins Earbuds Wireless Bluetooth Earphones ensures a worry free guarantee for shipment within 15 days.

Get them now at $15.48!

HOYAT Mini Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds

The Hoyat Mini Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds (US $34) is one of the coolest and most stylish in-ear replica pieces around. Being the first generation of China Bluetooth earphones from TWS, the pairing was seamless and straightforward. The striking fake airpod also comes with an awesome white charging case.

There is no worry of wires bouncing around or tangled to something since they are totally wireless. These airpod clones are compatible with Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu, BBK, Nokia, Vivo, ZTE and other Bluetooth mobile phones, tablets and computer. Its acoustic components deliver incredible and well-balanced bass, that is comfortable to the ear. Aliexpress Standard Shipping takes between 14 to 24 days.

Available at just $34!

HTK18 Mini Bluetooth Headsets

This lightweight, comfortable Bluetooth in-ear Stereo earbuds from HTK18 is decently awesome and serve up audiophile sound quality at a relative affordable price of US $28.99. Payment can be made by credit card or fund transfers from all major international banks and is certified safe under buyer protection options.

The black, sleek made in china earbuds are encased in a cool black casing that serves as the charging pod. With features like echo cancellation and noise cancelling technology, you can maintain a decent conversation regardless where you are. They may be the next best alternative to black Jabra Elite and will save you quite a bit of cash.

Get them the Jabra alternative here at $28.99!

Samload Bluetooth Earbuds

While we can’t say this is better than the HOYAT Mini Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds, the Samload Bluetooth Earbuds certainly looks similar but has some small cosmetics differences. At only US $12.60, the fake airpods also comes with its own compact charging case that fits perfectly into your left chest pocket. Your Samload earphones is fully charged once the indicator lamp turns green.

There are even 5 colors available for you to choose from according to your mood. As this airpod clone fits snugly into the ear, you can use it for running or for other sport activities. However do note that the best selling earbuds does not support binaural calls (the call can only be used by one earphone) even though it supports binaural music.

Buy it now for just $12.60!

Cool Carrying Cover to Protect your Airpods Case

fake airpod replica aliexpress airpod clone airpod case cover 1 Silicone Case Shock Proof Protector Sleeve Skin Cover for AirPods True Wireless Earphone Cases Cover fake airpod replica aliexpress airpod clone airpod case cover 1 Silicone Case Shock Proof Protector Sleeve Skin Cover for AirPods True Wireless Earphone Cases Cover

The original airpod case is plain and simple. So we recommend some lively colors to brighten up your style. These cool carrying silicon airpod case covers are specially designed to fit Apple airpod cases so that it can be protected from scratches, bumps and drops. Compact and lightweight, this silicon made cover is small enough to fit in your pockets. Now you can spot your airpods from afar.

Get the shockproof airpod protective cover now at less than $1.

Awesome Anti Lost Strap Loop String Rope

fake airpod replica aliexpress airpod clone airpod strap neck 1

fake airpod replica aliexpress airpod clone airpod strap neck 1

The Silicon Apple Airpods Strap are very flexible and looks really good. You can match your style and Airpod Casing Cover with these 7 amazing colors : Red, Blue, Black, Green, Pink, White and Transparent. At just $2 a piece. Moreover, the straps are easy to remove and install, comfortable to wear, and do no damage to your skin.

Hang your airpods around your neck now at less than $1.

Why should I buy an Airpod Replica?

The number one complaint for a pair of genuine Apple Airpod is how easy it takes to lose or misplace one or both due to their petite size. People generally left them behind somewhere, while traveling on public transports, aeroplanes or even at home.

Our 7 top recommended Airpod clones are just as good as Apple’s Airpods. Some replicas may look unashamedly similar to the best true wireless Airpods and don’t sound almost as good but they are at only a small fraction of the price of a genuine one! Fake airpods vs real airpods, the choice is yours.


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