Review of Best Cheap Replica Wired Earphones on AliExpress (Updated April 2020)

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Best Wired Earbud for 2019 on AliExpress
  • RevoNext QT2

Recommended Wired Earphone

The RevoNext Qt2 is our choice for the best wired earbuds under $50! This awesome earphone has a flat, balanced and detailed sound with heavy bass that is fast and coherent. Get it fast!

If you are looking for the best budget replica wired earphones, you surely have to visit AliExpress. AliExpress is the online marketplace where you can find a wide variety of great cheap wired earphones. Find the best budget wired earphones reviews here.

Wireless vs Wired Earphone

In order to select the best fitted earphone for our lifestyle need, we look at 5 key factors that determine whether we get the Wireless Earphone or the Wired Earphone.

Audio Quality: For the serious audiophiles, wired earphones will always perform better because Bluetooth can’t beat the higher quality audio as well as cables. Well, this may change with advances in Bluetooth technology. But till then, these audio professionals can only just stick to the old-school wired earphone.

Battery Life: Wireless earphones need to be charged. Period.

Portability: Both wired and wireless earphones are portable. It’s the entangled cords that gets in our way and makes most of us yearning for a wireless earphone.

Compatibility: Bluetooth may not be reliable sometimes. Especially when there are many other Bluetooth devices in the same room and at certain times, connection drops for no specific reason.

Price: Wireless earphones are regularly more expensive than wired earphones.

The Best Wired Replica Earphones from AliExpress China

Take a close look at these 10 under $50 wired earphones replica that produce the best audio experience without burning a hole in your pocket.

1 KZ ATE Sport Earphones


The ZK Earphone Series is an entry-level headphone with a simple style but fashionable design. Using a high quality copper driver unit, the sound performance is clear with exquisite treble and slightly boosted bass. The sound is not blurry even while commuting on the subway.


This plastic headphone is lightweight and comfortable for extended wearing. With an amazing memory wire, the earphone fits perfectly on the ear contours after a few usages.

You can choose a model with an in-line 1 button remote and a microphone for mobile device use.

Price: $12

Get the Sony earbuds replica now on AliExpress.

2 ZhiYin Z5000

WiredHeadphoneAliExpressZhiYin Z50001

The ZhiYin Z5000 in-ears are made for bass lovers. From sub bass to mid bass, this super bassy earphone is totally amazing. We find the bass to be the highlight in this wired earphone, though there is also a strong sense of the depth and dynamics in the music.

This stylish earphone is handy and the lightweight design helps with keeping a proper fit. The stainless steel housing in an ergonomic design further offers durability and comfort.

WiredHeadphoneAliExpressZhiYin Z50001

Even with some background noise, the ZhiYin Z5000 will make you smile.

Price: $ 44.85

Get this Bose earphone replica now on AliExpress.

3 Tin Audio T2


The Tin Audio T2 offers balanced and natural sound, making it perfect for daily portable usage. With its metallic designs, this earphone will catch attention everywhere. They are really awesome. The double dynamic driver produces just the right balance of clarity and bass so you can listen to genres such as classical and jazz music satisfyingly.


The stock eartips are comfortable enough and don’t fall out easily. The neat package comes in multiple sizes of eartips, though you don’t feel them, you must pick the right size for the best audio experience.

Price: $ 34

Get this Sennheiser earphone replica now on AliExpress.


Cheap Wired Earphone Headphone AliExpress Sony Replica NICEHCK ME80 1

The NICEHCK ME80 is a good choice for music with electronic instruments like rock, hip-hop and EDM. This cheap earphone delivers a warm oomph on the bass notes and clear and crisp mids and high.

Cheap Wired Earphone Headphone AliExpress Sony Replica Baseus H04

The cheap earphone comes in a reliable pouch that can keep and protect the earpiece well when not in used. The tangle-resistant cable design is much appreciated and improved our personal audio experience.

This masterpiece is best suited for party-animals.

Price: $16.80

Get it now on AliExpress.



The KZ ZSR earphone simply sounds good. There is nicely balanced low-mid fullness with the 10mm bass Dynamic unit. The subtle details of music are highlighted so that the voice is clear and rich.


This wired earbud comes in 2 striking colors, Emerald Green and Magic Black. The durability of the housing provides a peace of mind in everyday use.

Of course, there is also option for microphone for making calls and on-casing buttons for controlling music. This is the best earphone for casual users.

Price: $17.50

Get this Samsung earphone replica now on AliExpress.

6 RevoNext QT2 (Highly Recommended)


The sound of the RevoNext QT2 earphone is flat, balanced, detailed and precise. We find that the bass is fast and coherent, mids sparkle nicely and highs revealing but not too harsh, simply great. The earbuds are a comfortable fit and provides decent noise insulation.

Workmanship on the earphone is also solid. The metallic earphone bodies are beautifully forged and then CNC diamond cut. We just want to keep listening to music with this wired earphone.


If the volume is put to maximum, the earphone feels like they can rupture our eardrums.

Price: $34

Get this Sony earphone copy now on AliExpress.

7 TRN V80


The TRN-V80 is a favourite among our listening panel as it performs better and offers more reliability compared to other earphones priced similarly. Listening pleasure comes from a customised super high flux neodymium magnet, voice coil and diaphragm that is combined into a single powerful unit. The TRN engineers know the exact power, punch and body of dynamic drivers required to produce the most balanced and natural sound, in other words, they know what they are doing.


This budget earphone provides spacious treble, mids and textured bass. It’s almost perfect for the most critical audio professionals, musicians and audiophiles.

You can also make phone calls on the go or during a workout.

Price: $20

Get this fake bose earphones now on AliExpress.



The KZ EDR1 is great for any listener who wants a set of headphones. This wired earphone is really affordable and provides a funky sound across the frequency ranges. The earbuds are well-built and seller makes sure that delivery is prompt.

We recommend this pair of cheap earphones for younger children since it is sturdy, comfortable and reliable at a superb value under 10 dollars.

Price: $4.50

Get this cheap Sony earphone alternative now on AliExpress.

9 UiiSii HM7


This budget earphone impressed us with balanced sound across all frequencies. The sound chamber uses a unique double-layer filter design so that the sound is clear, full and vibrant. The cables are perfumed and smell nice.

You can easily pair the earphone with any Apple or Android devices, even PCs.


UiiSii HM7 includes an additional set of silicon eartips and the seller offers a full refund if the item is not as described. This under $10 earphone is definitely worth getting.

Price: $4.99

Get this cheap Bose alternative earphone now on AliExpress.

10 Artiste DC1

Cheap Wired Headphone AliExpress ArtisteDC1 High Quality Bose Alternative Sony Replica

The Artiste DC1 has an exciting and detailed sound. The bass is slightly more emphasized so it is ideal for music like modern pop, hip-hop and house music.

Because this cheap earbud is light weight, it can stay in your ear with the ultra-soft eartips so much that you may forget you are wearing it. This allows us to listen to our favorite music for a longer time without hurting the ears.

Cheap Wired Headphone AliExpress ArtisteDC1 High Quality Bose Alternative Sony Replica

The Artiste DC1 can be your long-time companion because its durability is surprisingly robust when you treat it right.

Price: $ 49.98

Get it now on AliExpress.

Should I get a Wireless Earphone Instead

Cheap Wired Earphone Headphone AliExpress Sony Replica Baseus H04 2 Earpieces

Facing strong growth, the global wireless earphone market is forecasted to post a CAGR of close to 7% over 2018 to 2022 by the folks at Technavio. So what does this mean for us, the common consumers? This represents that there is an increasing demand for wireless sports earphone and so, more innovative products will be developed to cater to our needs. That’s three cheers for the consumers.

If you prefer wireless earphone, check out the best wireless airpod replicas we found on AliExpress.

For Overhead Earphones, check out the Best Under $50 Bluetooth Headphone from China.

Prices are correct at time of publishing.

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