Top 10 Chinese Skincare Beauty Brands on AliExpress

Best Beauty Skincare Brand on AliExpress
  • MeiYanQiong Official Store

Most Trusted Beauty Skincare Shop on AliExpress

MeiYanQiong : An online China beauty & skincare store,  with 5 years of history and past the 100k followerships. We recommend the anti-ageing and hydrating serum that is tried and tested by many returning consumers, just go check out the rave reviews!

Beauty and makeup are so said a woman’s best friend. We know how ladies feel, especially when it comes to Chinese cosmetics brands. There are general quality concerns of the made in china beauty brands circulating the market. However in recent years, quality has improved by leaps and bounds. Trust us, China skincare beauty brands have even started taking over the best Korean skincare beauty brands.

There is currently a really strong buying force for skincare products in China, and premium skincare brands are getting more and more traction in the Chinese skincare and cosmetics market. If you are wondering where to find Chinese makeup brands, you can find all the answers in this article. There are both cheap brands and the more expensive ones in AliExpress marketplace, so you should choose one that fits your budget best.

We have right here some of the best skincare beauty brands selling conventional anti-ageing products and natural beauty products made in China. These carefully chosen highly rated AliExpress sellers have excellent ratings. The positive feedback from their thousands of customers sure means something for you, the savvy consumer.

Top 10 Trusted Chinese Skincare Beauty Brands on AliExpress

  1. International Beauty Wholesale Mall
  2. MeiYanQiong Official Store
  3. SoonPure
  4. ARTISCARE Official Store
  5. QYF Official Store
  6. MEIKING Official Store
  7. OEDO Official Store
  8. BAIMISS Official Store
  9. YUNIFANG Official Store
  10. BIOAQUA Brand Skin Care Store

1 International Beauty Wholesale Mall


While International Beauty Wholesale Mall ships globally, it carries all the brands that we like. From hair care, facial products, teeth-whitening to footcare, this trusted beauty product store is a fairly popular site, well-liked by English, Chinese and Russian consumers. So this means that top selling products may sell out faster than usual.

One advantage of using this store is that you can consolidate purchases from different beauty brands, therefore there is only a single package to track and you can receive all at one go. This online beauty store is indeed true one-stop-shop for the world’s best beauty products.

Check out: International Beauty Wholesale Mall on AliExpress

2 MeiYanQiong Official Store



MeiYanQiong with 5 years of history is popular with many Chinese consumers for its anti-ageing and hydrating formulas. It is also one of our favourite finds for so many reasons. For one, MeiYanQiong offers a BUY 3 GET 1 FREE Bundle that can help us save more money.


For effective blackhead removal, check out the top seller MeiYanQiong Face Care Firming Mask. Great mask! Apply a thin layer to the steamed clean face (separate areas), wait 20 minutes for the skin to absorb the goodness and then wash away gently. The firming mask cleans the skin well and it smells nice, our testers did not have any allergic reactions and effects can be seen immediately. We loved the mask!

Check out: Cosmetic products of MeiYanQiong Official Store on AliExpress

3 SoonPure Official Store



With a huge array of popular skincare products at really low prices, SoonPure has products suitable for all skin types. Discover the best while you stroll the many products on their best selling page.

We love the SOONPURE Green Tea Facial mask that can absorb unwanted facial oil in just 5 seconds. These are our favorite wipes for removing oily sebum. Thickness is perfect, not too thin as others. Just apply to the facial areas and dap gently, and the skin ceases to shine. There is also a sweet delicious smell of green tea.

Check out: Chinese beauty products of SoonPure on AliExpress

4 ARTISCARE Official Store


ARTISCARE’s brand philosophy is to pursue high-quality essential oils by paying attention to every detail, from raw materials to the finished products. Not only are the ingredients in these Chinese essential oils effective, they are influenced by the eastern medicine and the century old emphasis on best skincare.


China Cosmetics beauty product Artiscare anti wrinkle serum 1

One interesting product is their Peptide Nourishing Anti-wrinkle Eye Serum Roller Massager that features anti-aging, moisturizing, dark circle and anti-puffiness capabilities. Easy to use with the 3 rollers massaging the face. Place the tube in the fridge to get a better cooling effect and don’t squeeze the tube too hard or too much serum will ooze out.

Check out: ARTISCARE Official Store on AliExpress

5 QYANF Official Store


China Cosmetics Beauty products cheap QYF1

QYANF (renamed to Shop1297210 Store) is a leading Chinese online cosmetics shop and was established 4 years ago with an amazing 140k followership til date. QYF aims to defy aging with their top tier anti-wrinkle facial products. We know that beauty is so deep that nobody has ever gotten to the bottom of it.


The Emu Oil Time Lock Protect Frost comprises of emu oil extract from Australia that can effectively repair and tighten skin, keeping the skin moist and protected all day. Absorption takes a couple of minutes and leaves the skin feeling tender and supple without being greasy. It’s the best beauty product to get rid of wrinkles that are due to skin dryness.

Check out: QYANF Official Store on AliExpress

6 MEIKING Official Store


Meiking has been leading the Chinese beauty expansion with its Chinese natural plant-based makeup. This beauty store ships throughout mainland China and also delivers to locations in the USA, Russia and Britain. While the brand seems to focus on skincare ranges, their makeup products have also gained attraction for the all-natural plant based ingredients.


China Cosmetics beauty product Mei King Eye patches 1

The Mei King Collagen Gel Eye Mask relieves swelling around the eyes area and freshen up the face in the mornings. Good to use regularly, for the best effect, store the masks in the refrigerator. A special spoon is hidden under the lid, which is convenient to pick up the patches. Smells pleasant and sits well on the face. There is also a protective membrane so that the gel patches do not dry out after opening.

Check out: Chinese natural plant make ups on MEIKING Official Store on AliExpress

7 OEDO Official Store



Oedo has been a living proof of how much foothold Chinese beauty brands is establishing in the market. The beauty and health product store has been around for 5 years, and has done a great job branding themselves for their anti-wrinkle anti-aging snail moist nourishing facial cream.


The smell of the Snail Moist Nourishing Facial Cream is nice. There is no stickiness, with the skin becoming tender and well moisturized after application. Ideal for night use. Certainly one of the highly rated facial cream we have tried in the market!

Check out: OEDO Official Store on AliExpress

8 BAIMISS Official Store



This popular beauty product brand also strives to be a global natural skincare brand. The most popular hot selling product is the Baimiss Blackhead Remover. This effective anti-acne product comprises mainly of bamboo charcoal extract that can help remove blackhead and shrink the pores. It is suitable for various skin types and will give you a clean and fresh face after usage.

Check out: BAIMISS Official Store on AliExpress

9 YUNIFANG Official Store


Yunifang, or sometimes known as Unifon is inspired by traditional Chinese aesthetics. UNIFON has sourced for natural raw materials from all over the world. Using more than 4 years with 1100 times of testing repeatedly, UNIFON has finally developed the compound formula – UniHydra ™. All their mask products contain this active ingredient that is gentle and healing to the skin in the face of modern everyday stress.

China Cosmetics beauty product Yunifang Mud Mask 1

The YUNIFANG Pure Minerals Exfoliating Mud Mask smoothens, tones, nourishes and moisturizes the face. The mask is designed for deep cleansing of the face, as well as combating black dots and narrowing the pores. Apply the mask to the cleansed face with a thin uniform layer. Wait for complete dryness and then rinse with warm water. We recommend this wonderful treatment to be performed 2 to 3 times a week.

Information about the date of manufacture and shelf life are also clearly labelled on the product.

Check out: YUNIFANG Official Store on AliExpress

10 BIOAQUA Brand Skin Care Store



The BioAqua Brand Skin Care Store has been around for 2 years with 96.9% positive feedback. This Chinese cosmetics brand is well known for the Natural Tea Tree Oils, MakeUp Spray and Strawberry Lip Sleeping Mask. The prices are really cheap and they have built a following on the AliExpress marketplace.

Check out: BIOAQUA Brand Skin Care Store on AliExpress

Tips to Buying Skincare Products on AliExpress

Now we do not need to hit the high streets for our beauty needs since there are more exciting skincare products to be discovered online. Furthermore the products get delivered right to our doorsteps.

Just make sure the formula doesn’t react badly with your skin, find out whether you like the smell or texture, and get the shade match right to enjoy the part and parcel of beauty shopping.

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