Top Trusted AliExpress Makeup Stores – Ultimate Guide for April 2019

MakeUp Replica AliExpress

In recent years, Chinese makeup brands have started to pop up online and everywhere around us. These popular Chinese cosmetic sellers have beauty products that are cheap and designed to be long-lasting, moisturising and suitable for all skin types.

Since AliExpress is also notorious for some seriously lousy makeup products, we have put together a list of some most trusted makeup store sellers on AliExpress for you, the savvy consumer. In the midst of our AliExpress makeup reviews, do catch our 10 beauty tips provided by our in-house beauty experts.

Top 10 Trusted AliExpress Makeup Stores

1 ZOREYA Official Store


Zoreya is a very trusted beauty seller in AliExpress that produces quality makeup brushes and other beauty products. There is always this one beauty product that we can’t live without – the synthetic makeup brushes. The best selling 15pc Black Makeup Brushes of Zoreya are well worth the investment, considering one of the best AliExpress makeup brushes with their soft touch and most importantly, they blend makeup so thoroughly that makes even the thickest foundation look like skin.


Check out: ZOREYA Official Store on AliExpress

Beauty Tip: It is important to keep your brushes clean and to wash them after every use if possible. This helps your brushes to stay strong and durable over a longer period of time.

2 Focallure Official Store



Focallure has a 5 years history with 98% positive ratings. Their best sellers include Matte Lipsticks and Glitter Eyeshadow Palettes. As one of the best makeup vendors on AliExpress, Focallure catches on the latest trends and turns them into fashionable makeup products. Instead of spending money on advertisement or promotions, the designer replica makeup shop concentrates on producing better and more perfect cosmetic products. Here’s two thumbs up for them.

Check out: Focallure Official Store on AliExpress

Beauty Tip: When blending colors, always go in small circular swirl motion instead of large sweeping motion.

3 Susan’s House



All makeup wearers will agree that no face beat is complete without mascara. At Susan’s House, the top selling makeup products are the Cat Style Waterproof Eyeliner Pen and Natural Long False Lashes. The eye lashes are amazing and do not interfere with the eyes. This highly rated online makeup store is a one-stop shop for all your eye-related beauty products.

Susan’s House certainly has some real awesome beauty products up for grab.

Check out: Susan’s House on AliExpress

Beauty Tip: Always apply mascara before using false lashes. See how your natural lashes look and determine what gaps need to be filled.

4 iFashion Beauty


The iFashion Beauty Store is one of the best Chinese makeup AliExpress seller featuring a wide variety of beauty products. We note that the more popular beauty items are the Stainless Steel Eyebrow Tweezers and the 10 pcs Marble Pattern Makeup Brush. If the eyes are windows to the soul, then the eyebrows are certainly the defining facial feature above the windows. It’s your duty to make sure the brows look their best anytime.


Its time to revamp your make up collection at the iFashion Store.

Check out: iFashion Beauty on AliExpress

Beauty Tip: Don’t over pluck the space between the brows. Too large a space between the eyes can make the nose appear larger and eyes too wide apart.

5 Visofree Official Store



Visofree specialises in doing just one thing – producing the perfect false eyelashes. Started in 2010 at Qingdao China, this highly rated beauty makeup AliExpress seller has watched the trend of wearing false eyelashes grow globally. Being a must have fashion accessory for girls, the false eyelashes enhance the sparkle of the eyes.


We have always wanted long, curled lashes. Visofree 3D Mink Eyelashes is the most natural looking eyelash extension that can last for a couple of days or even a full week.

Check out: Visofree Official Store on AliExpress

Beauty Tip: To have more uplift with the false eyelashes, finish by gently pushing against the lashes at the edge of the inner lash line.

6 ANMOR Official Store

MakeUpReplicaAnmor MakeUpReplicaAnmor MakeUpReplicaAnmor

Anmor is made up from two words “And” & “More”.  This Chinese beauty product AliExpress store aims to produce “More exceptional design, More excellent quality and More sincere service”. Anmor is all about high quality makeup brushes.


The all new Anmor 12 pieces Synthetic Makeup Brush, also one of the best AliExpress makeup brushes is selling like hotcakes, and is certainly worth keeping in your makeup kit. The bristles are soft and create sharp colors around the corners of your face. The brushes can be used for powder, contours and lash line.

Check out: ANMOR Official Store on AliExpress

Beauty Tip: Apply concealer on the base of your thumb to warm and soften the product before brushing onto your face.

7 HitTime Store


The HitTime Store has an excellent reputation for their cheap makeup brushes. This highly rated AliExpress seller offers white label brushes at an affordable price. Other than brushes, you can also find false eyelashes, face makeup, eye makeup, lips makeup and skin care products.


The top selling Coffee Handle Makeup Brush comes in numerous sizes at just $1.13 per piece.

Check out: HitTime Store on AliExpress

Beauty Tip: Use an angled foundation brush to ensure makeup is applied to all parts of your face. A wrongly sized brush will miss out on areas like around the nose and under the chin.

8 Ibcccndc Official Store

Make Up Replica ibcccndc 1

Make Up Replica ibcccndc 1

Ibcccndc Official Store is a Sephora made available on the internet. Buying makeup shouldn’t bust your wallet. And it won’t  (we guarantee!) when you shop at this best Chinese makeup AliExpress seller for discounted nail gels, nail tools, makeup and other beauty products from Ibcccndc Official Store.

Make Up Replica ibcccndc 1

The charming 4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara Waterproof Eyelash Extension (Black) is selling fast at just $1.79! All new users can also enjoy a $4 discount for their fantastic products.

Discover your unique desire for beauty here with a plethora of fun and trendy make up products right now!

Check out: Ibcccndc Official Store on AliExpress

Beauty Tip: To make the false eyes lashes look more real, brush the hairs with a side-to-side motion using a clean spoolie brush until the lashes begin to look wispy.

9 OneGirl’s Store

Make Up Replica one girl store 1

Make Up Replica one girl store 1

Feel good and cover up your blemishes right here at the OneGirl’s Store, one of our recommended top makeup store seller on Aliexpress. Explore the hundreds of makeup products and find the perfect fit for you. At OneGirl’s Store, you can expand your makeup collection without increasing your makeup budget. Skincare, nail polish, makeup brushes, hair styler, you name it all, all at ridiculously cheap prices.

Make Up Replica one girl store 1

Have a look at the powerful Foeonco 36Watts UV Lamp (last checked price : $10) that can blow dry your nails in double quick time. The UV Lamp doesn’t darken your skin color and can fast dry all gels including hard gel extension and acrylic gel.

OneGirl’s Store is known to be fast in shipping so start your beauty shopping right now!

Check out: OneGirl’s  Store on AliExpress

Beauty Tip: When applying nail polish, three strokes are all you need. Dip the brush into the bottle to get a decent-sized bead of polish then spread them out on the nail – start at the base of your nail, down the middle, then stroke to the left, finally to the right. Simple, right?

10 Beautiful FaceCare Store

Make Up Replica beautiful facecare store1

Make Up Replica beautiful facecare store1

Beautiful FaceCare Store carries a wide variety of cosmetics for the face, eyes and lips. This online best makeup vendors on Aliexpress is also famous for their body massager, facial massager, eyecare, blackhead tool and facial cleaning products. Be sure to browse through their wide array of product selections to get your makeup shopping fix.

Make Up Replica beautiful facecare store face massager1

We recommend the Deep Pores Cleaning Electric Beauty Massager that is priced at just $15. This fantastic device works wonderfully well as the more than 1400 ultra-fine, soft and smooth cleaning contacts vibrate on your skin gently. You can deeply cleanse your nose, ears and hairline with ease using the ergonomically designed device.

Remember to follow this AliExpress make up seller to get the latest product updates.

Check out: Beautiful FaceCare Store on AliExpress

Beauty Tip: To clear blackheads, use a wash with salicylic acid instead of Benzoyl peroxide. This is because the Benzoyl peroxide can end up irritating your dry and sensitive skin. Though salicylic acid doesn’t work immediately, it can help to prevent new blackheads from forming by keeping the pores clean.

Should I build a Professional Makeup Kit

A professional makeup kit is important to a woman and you are not going to get far without the right kit. Look, professional here doesn’t mean you are going to be a makeup artist. But you, the beautiful lady deserve the best for yourself. It is really good to invest in the correct makeup for every palette, brush and lipstick that you own. The professional makeup kits in AliExpress are cheap and offer good quality and the best value.

We prefer makeup tools that can perform more than one purpose. This will help save space and reduce the weight of our makeup kit. Cleanliness is also important to keep our faces free of germs and bacteria.

Read on to find out the essential beauty tools for your makeup kit.

10 Types of Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Makeup Kit

  1. Foundation Brush: Tightly packed bristles and tapered tip
  2. Powder Brush: Long, fluffy bristles
  3. Kabuki Brush: Soft, full and rounded in shape
  4. Concealer Brush: flat brush, wide base, pointed tip, soft bristles
  5. Fan Powder Brush: Flat, round, dome shape
  6. Smudger Brush: More rounded and compact than a powder brush
  7. Angled Blush Brush: Slanted bristles
  8. Eyeshadow Brush: Large, flat, short, with overflowing brushes
  9. Angled Eyeliner Brush: long, round, tapered
  10. Blending Eye Brush: Rounded brush top, soft bristles


Well, we have also not forgotten the essential beauty blender. Just dampen it with water and dab on foundation for a more even and smooth coverage. This wonder sponge will help blend your makeup as smoothly as possible.


Get the Cocute Makeup Puff.

Interesting Make Up Product for 2019: Portable 3D Nail Printer

Make Up Replica Automatic Nail Painting Easy All-Intelligent 3D Nail Printers Wifi Nail Printer Machine Manicure Equipment 2

This 3D nail art printer is simply amazing. From O’2nails, the break through device combines printing technology and nail art. You can now print any image on your nail just by selecting and clicking through the app which is available for both iPhones and Andriod phones. There are up to 800 nail art designs to choose from!

Make Up Replica Automatic Nail Painting Easy All-Intelligent 3D Nail Printers Wifi Nail Printer Machine Manicure Equipment 2

AliExpress Makeup Review in a Nutshell

It is important to find your favourite AliExpress makeup that can withstand the test of time. Are AliExpress makeup safe? Of course, here are the best seller you should consider. However if the makeups are from other sources, we cant be sure 🙂 Furthermore, when the purchases are from our top 10 AliExpress makeup sellers, rest assure that quality control is high. Be sure that you only buy from these trusted AliExpress sellers from China that have a high rating and have fun with your new makeup products.

Featured Image : Pexels, Kinkate

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