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Buying clothing, accessories, jewellery and makeup online is not really a cup of tea nowadays given the plethora of choices offered just on AliExpress alone. Ladies today are gradually shifting from an offline retail experience to online trendy clothing websites with the rapid advance of the internet. We may have noticed that shopping malls nowadays are clocking lesser and lesser sales as women today prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes to purchase through online clothing stores.

In the past, you are likely to receive a lower quality product from AliExpress due to loose quality control standards in the beginning. However AliExpress nowadays have much better quality control over products descriptions so that they match the products buyers expect to receive.  With this said, the best way to verify AliExpress’s product quality would still be to buy from a few different sellers that have good reviews and to check and compare the quality personally when the products are received.

In order to help our readers avoid the dodgy sellers, we have selected the Top 10 Trusted Women’s clothing stores on AliExpress. These carefully chosen sellers have positive feedback of more than 96% and have also completed more than 10,000 sales so you can expect a high degree of quality assurance when you buy from them.

List of Trusted Women’s Online Clothing Stores for 2019

  1. Simplee Apparel
  2. SHEIN Official Store
  3. Ever-Pretty Official Store
  4. Vadim Official Store
  5. SisJuly Official Store
  6. CHICING Official Store
  7. Bella Philosophy
  8. Toyouth
  9. MIEGOFCE Official Store
  10. COLROVIE Official Store

1 Simplee Apparel

WomenFashionreplicaSimplee4 WomenFashionreplicaSimplee4

Simplee being the fashion brand of Senbo Apparel was created in 2015. With close to 3 years of history, this cheap online clothing store on AliExpress enjoys a stunning positive feedback of 98.4%. Known globally as one of the best online dress store, Simplee has a reach over English, Russian, Spanish and Portugese markets with 2 million fans.


Fashion is fickle. There are multiple styles at this nasty gal fashion shop such as holiday style, open and sexy, elegant, nifty and fashionable. With definite style and position, Simplee seeks to inspire women to be gorgeous and to exhibit confidence.


Simplee even has their own production factory and a 2100 sqm logistic center. Designs are original and all clothings go through careful inspection before shipping.

See it in Action: Simplee Apparel on AliExpress

2 SHEIN Official Store


Started by a small group of passionate fashionistas in New Jersey since the year 2008, SheIn has evolved into a multinational team 10 years on. The team behind SheIn works closely to provide the best lady wears you need to make life more fun and amazing.


The styles here range from Haute couture to fashion forward looks. Whether you are searching for party dresses and graphic tees or patterned blouses, SheIn is the ultimate one stop shop for the modern yet economical fashionista.


Grab the cheapest dresses here without stepping off your couch.

See it in Action: SHEIN Official Store on AliExpress

3 Ever-Pretty Official Store



A brand that wants to bring out the best in every woman, Ever-Pretty is one fashion brand that focuses on making every customer pretty forever. This cheap trendy women’s clothing shop has opened for 8 years to date, and has accumulated a high 97.6% positive feedback.


Ever-Pretty own and control all aspects of the apparel production thus ensuring all products are made with the highest quality standard. You can find Zara clothes lookalike here and we absolutely love the elegant gowns. Perfect for the school prom or any classy event.

Women Fashion AliExpress replica women dresses clothing store reviews Plus size

Plus sizes are available for the sexy curvy ladies too.

See it in Action: Ever Pretty Official Store on AliExpress

4 Vadim Official Store


Bringing casual couture to your style, Vadim Official Store is a brand name that is around for 6 years. It is said that age comes with experience, so it’s no doubt that Vadim has been serving simple but stylish designs to have made it this far.


High-end clothing doesn’t have to be cheaply made or cost overly expensive. Vadim Official offers a delicate balance between price and quality just nicely.

Furthermore flash sales are frequent so do keep a close look out!

This women’s clothing online boutique will help you stay on trend without causing a huge deficit in your bank account.

See it in Action: Vadim Official Store on AliExpress

5 SisJuly Official Store


SisJuly Official Store is a women’s apparel company that offers retro style women clothing, inspired by the vintage styles of the past. Most of the items have a youthful vibe with an exuberant quality. Whether it’s the style of 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s or 1970s, the timeless pieces at SisJuly are one of a kind.


Its certainly delightful to find the 1950s Hepburn Classics, Marilyn Monroe Pin Up Style and the 1960s Twiggy Style right here on this online AliExpress boutique clothing store! The good old days just happen right here at this one-stop shop for all dresses retro. On top of these, you may find a whole bunch of vintage accessories to pair your outfit with.


This trendy retro online store has been around for 3 years and has a high 96.7% positive feedback.

See it in Action: SisJuly Official Store on AliExpress

6 CHICING Official Store


CHICING is a trusted online women clothes store that sells a mix of authentic vogue clothing and chic blouses. You will find everything from Floral Print dresses to long sleeved sweaters and Oxbow Bend Plaid flannel.


CHICING has grown from an AliExpress venture to trendy-girl fashion label over the span of 5 years. You can find a myriad of designs for working ladies. As a trusted brand, it has a positive feedback of 97.2% with 601560 followers.

See it in Action: CHICING Official Store on AliExpress

7 Bella Philosophy



Ahh, Bella Philosophy is a China based online retailer that offers affordable high street style priced at about $20 per piece. Bella Philosophy carries contemporary affordable and cool apparel for women. You can find Blazers & Jackets, Party Dresses, Women Tops and even Kimono and intimate lingerie.


This trusted AliExpress Clothes Seller has 97.2% positive feedback and has been opened for 4 years.

See it in Action: Bella Philosophy on AliExpress

8 Toyouth



Toyouth simply means Fashion To Youth. This women online fashion brand on AliExpress focus on the contemporary modern design styles that distinguish them from other online brands.


Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t always stick to the same menu. Online clothes shopping will always be fuss-free. With unique styles from numerous designers, this trusted China based clothing store ships globally.

See it in Action: Toyouth on AliExpress

9 MIEGOFCE Official Store



As a European-style clothing online store, MIEGOFCE establishes itself well with the designs originating from Milan, Italy. MIEGOFCE women clothing online store has become a go-to spot for designer collaborations. To achieve the status of the top women store brand in AliExpress, this Russian based retail brand has an entire team of professionals to create professional products for every woman on earth.


Get on-trend items in your wardrobe fast, mostly because this cheap online clothing store produces a good bulk of its clothing in its very own factories.

See it in Action: MIEGOFCE Official Store on AliExpress

10 COLROVIE Official Store


Colrovie was set up in 2008 and this women clothes online seller has been on AliExpress for 4 years. Shopping online is taken to another level on this trusted women clothing store, as Colrovie aims to offer her customers the highest quality material with trendy, youthful design.

Believe in what you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is an instant language.


Colrovie is famous for its efficient customer service with a high positive rating of 97.9%. Customer queries and requests are handled very professionally and promptly.

See it in Action: COLROVIE Official Store on AliExpress

Tips to Buying from Online Clothing Store

We absolutely love buying clothes online! However there are just a couple of pointers that we have to take note to avoid disappointment when what we order did not come up to expectations.

  • Know your body shape and measurements
  • Read the sizing charts carefully as fitting varies among brands
  • Take notes on brands you have purchased before
  • Ask the sellers first if you need clarification
  • Remember what you pay is what you get
  • Buy only from trusted stores that we recommend


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